Become a Botme Partner!

Give more value to your customers and achieve more milestones by using the power of Botme chatbots, in an easy way and special service.

What is the partners program?

Powerup your customers and open a new business line

Whether you’re an agency or a solo marketer, you’ll be able to use the features of botme for your customers.

  • Onboard your customers and be part of their growth
  • Build any use case for your customers
  • Get closer to the Botme team and get inspired on how to use the power of chatbots

Why join Botme Partners?

20% Revenue Share. Forever.

Once you onboarded a customer you’ll get a 20% of their payments as long as they’re active

Get a priority service.

Our partners will get a fast lane service, so you can serve your customers properly

Our Partners Listing.

We will list, introduce and recommend our partners to all of our customers through or partners list

Join Botme Agency Program

Get answers and guides
to your technical questions about your chatbot.