About Botme

Enjoy making your bot with our user-friendly interface. No coding skills necessary. Publish your bot in a click.

Conversations = Conversions

Meet the masterminds behind Botme. This skilled team exerted round the clock effort, working 24/7, just to bring this project to life.

Who we Are ?

That’s our simple equation. From small to smart talk, we believe that every conversation matters. Through simple bot building steps, you can open new conversational channels and engage with your customers in real-time.

Company Timeline

Q4 2017

Founding Botme

Q4 2018

Launching Botme Beta

Q1 2019

Launching BotMe V 1.0

Q3 2019

Launching Botme V 2.0

Q3 2020

Becoming a WhatsApp Solution Provider

Privacy first

Your data and your customer's privacy are our first priority at BotMe, we do whatever it takes to keep all of your data safe

Here to help

Everyone at BotMe is here to help you and your business to grow, scale and maintain

Your feedback matters

Why we do what we do? Because your feedback always matters and help us give you the best experience

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