How it works.

The easiest builder to
create a chatbot.

Enjoy making your bot with our user-friendly interface. Nocoding skills necessary. Publish your bot in a click.

01Build Stage

With BotMe you’ll be able to create a whole conversation flows, from the welcome message to making a conversion

You’ll be able to create messages from all types through our building dashboard and even edit them on the go

While building your conversations you’ll need to test it and check it and you’ll be able to test your bot instantly through our testing bot

No need for techies

No need for techies to build your conversational bot, it’s just you, your flow, and your target audience needs.

It’s your brand voice

Just like any online conversation, you have the choice to communicate your messages through texts, carousels, lists, or spice it up with funny and light images, GIFs, and videos. It’s your brand voice, make good use of it.

Track your audience

Tailor messages based on your industry, track your audience shopping preferences and analyze your performance through a standalone platform.

Pre-Made Templates

Shape your conversations or use our pre-made templates in minutes.

02Launch Stage

With botme, you’ll be able to publish your conversation to multiple channels whether it’s messenger, web plugin or even a whole website experience, all from our publishing page

All you have to do is going to publish page then choose your channel then customize the appearance of your web bots and publish it in minutes


It’s your 3 stages to sell like fire

through multiple channels whether it’s messenger, web plugin or make your website conversational from greetings to goodbyes.

03Sell Stage

Using Botme will let you sell natively through your conversation

with botme, you’ll be able to add products and whole categories instantly to your conversations

Also with botme, you’ll be able to manage all your commerce operations, from adding products, managing orders, and payment methods and also add offers and shipping fee

Scale and manage products

Scale and understand your commerce operations from day one by adding products, managing, and tracking orders, setting your available payment gateways, and sending broadcasts for your special offers and shipping fees.

Sell Natively

Sell native through your conversations, add your products and variations instantly.

04Optimize Stage

You’ll get a detailed analysis for all your bots users or your customers who ordered from the bot about

  • Sales insights and conversion rates analysis
  • Customers page for users who interacted with your bot
  • User Tags to track users interactions with your conversation

Detailed Analysis

Too many tools to get them buy? Get a detailed analysis about your valuable customers about their orders or best preferences.

Retain Top-Performing Products

Through sales insights and conversion rates deep analysis, you will either learn or retain top-performing products and make them your selling stars.

Personalized Offers

You can tailor user tags to reach them easier with personalized offers in the hot seasons or just the way you plan the conversation.

05Retarget Stage

Using Botme will let you send retargeting messages campaigns, so your customer's journey won’t stop by using the bot

you‘ll be to target your customers using our segmentation tool which will let you retarget your customers based on their public data, their purchases from your bot store or by their interaction through your conversation

Also, you’ll be able to schedule and repeat campaign any time you want

Lazy or Smart

remind your customers again to pack their carts, through broadcast messages campaign to win them back to your side.

Possibilities Are Countless

In a public data world, possibilities are countless. You can tailor your customers’ purchases by the variations they bought or by their interaction through the conversion journey.

Schedule and Repeat

Schedule and repeat successful campaigns anytime easily.

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