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Why Chatbots?

Chatbots generate conversations that your customers interested and engaged with across all industries.


Improve the customer experience from the first purchase to the checkout process through a delightful and engaging tone with in the right context


Design a conversation that guides the user to his intent directly and meet their on-demand expectations to complete a purchasing action


Analyze your users’ interactions based on their purchasing behaviors and tailor more conversational answers for them at the right time


Increase your business open rates, drive tangible results using messaging as a marketing channel and enjoy higher conversations

Botme Benefits

Empower your business with Botme

Versatile Platform

To serve a variety of businesses reach their full potential

One stop destination

Manage one or more bots in a standalone platform

Easy Tailored

Modify and tailor with ease for every business’ needs

Connect 24/7

Engage with customers anytime without allocating manpower

How it Works?

Through our easy process, you’ll through all your customer journey from the first conversation to retargeting



No need for techies to build your conversational bot, it’s just you, your flow, and your target audience needs.



Publish your bot and watch the magic happen by testing how the users react and order your service with ease.



Track your orders, receive instant feedback, and increase your revenues in a standalone platform.



Analyze your users’ interaction based on a detailed criteria that helps your brand grow on a solid ground.



Target and retarget your customers with customized messages for your new releases, promotions, and offerings as easy as building a bot.

The hub for all your tools to build your amazing bot

From stripe to Slack, our platform offers seamless integrations with your everyday tools to free more time for creation.

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